3 Reasons To Clean Your Roof Soon

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Many homeowners never even think about cleaning their roof during it’s lifespan, for the ones who do that’s usually as far it goes… just a thought and then it’s quickly forgotten as we move onto more pressing matters.  It’s not until we discover our roof is leaking or we get a letter from our insurance company warning that our coverage could be terminated as a result of the dirty roof.  Only when it becomes a problem do most homeowners take action.

If you are a proactive homeowner, a landlord perhaps or you just want to make sure your home is kept up so you can avoid costly roof repairs down the road then you should really consider having your roof cleaned sooner than later.

Here Are 3 Reasons You Should Clean Your Roof Soon

#1.  Your Home Will Look Better

We can probably agree that a dirty roof covered with moss and algae grime doesn’t look very appealing.  From a distance you can see the big dark stains creeping down your roof.  If you are looking to sell your home or just give it some quick and affordable improvements then a clean roof will go a long way to improving your curb appeal.  The soft washing roof cleaning process we use will not harm your roofing material, will remove years of built up grime and leave it looking brand new again.

#2.  You Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

This isn’t so much of an issue with homes that only have a slight roof algae problem because the algaes UV protective coating won’t have built up enough surface area to make a significant difference.  However, if the moss and algae start to really dominate the surface area of your roof then your roofing material won’t be able to breath and do it’s job properly.  Roofing material that is performing correctly reflects heat instead of holding it in and the algae covering your roof will prevent this transfer.

#3.  You’ll Get More Service Life From Your Roof

Those unsightly stains along with moss growth can severely reduce the lifespan of your roof. Sometimes by more than half! A newer 30 year roof that gets infested with mold and algae might only last 10-15 years if not cleaned properly. That means your roof could be costing you twice as much. STOP throwing money away! for a fraction of replacement we can insure the longevity of your shingles.  By cleaning your roof once every other year you will greatly extend it’s service life and help prevent the moss and algae from coming back in force.

You may have already been told by a contractor that you are going to need a new roof but before you even consider that you should have a professional roof cleaning company take a look. A roofing contractor can sell you a new roof and make several thousand dollars in profit, whereas the roof cleaning process we offer through Dirty-Roof.Com will cost you much much less and make every bit of visual difference, so long as your roofing material is still in decent shape.  We can clean your roof.

If you are located within our Long Island Service Areas and would like to have your roof cleaned please give us a call today!

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