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Paver Cleaning – when your driveways, patios and walkways havepaver cleaning before seen better days a Soft washing is in order. wether its a plain concrete patio or paver pool patio with all the bells and whistles, rest assured that has the solution to get those surfaces looking great once again!

Paver Cleaning in Long Island NY

Walkways, patios, and driveways around your home are the most susceptible to getting dirty and require periodic pressure washing. Dirt from foot/paw traffic, weeds and moss from nearby landscaping, and wet leaves blown around from the wind will all wreak havoc on your patios and walkways.  Add in some rain and moisture and stains and Algae will take hold and very quickly transform the beautiful appearance to a very unsightly one that can become slick when wet and create a safety hazard. Moss will start to grow in the joints of pavers and displace the sand that should be in there.  Sand is what keeps your pavers stable and keeps them from shifting. Our paver cleaning on Long Island is the solution to those annoying weeds and areas of moss that can be very persistent.

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Periodic Paver cleaning will keep your patios and walkways looking great and safe to walk on. It will also help to keep any problems from arising prematurely and costing you large sums of money in repairs or replacement. Hire a trusted pro who with years of experience can transform your pavers back to their former glory. Paver cleaning on Long Island by

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