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Having a dirty roof doesn’t just look unsightly, it can damage your roof to the point where it will need repair, even replacement if you let it go for too long.  Dirty Roofs are common, take a look around your neighborhood and you are bound to see the shady side of a few homes will have moss and algae growing on their roofing material.  This isn’t a good thing.

You’ve probably already heard of several things a homeowner can do such as Zinc Oxide powder, Laundry Detergent and off-the-shelf solutions available at almost every hardware or home improvement store. These methods do not work. They are tedious, usually expensive to buy enough to treat an entire roof and if you don’t do it correctly  you can actually destroy your roofing even more. You can waste considerable amounts of time and money trying to DIY. Sometimes more than the cost of a professional roof cleaning!

Trusted Shingle Roof Cleaning in Long Island NY

Dirty-Roof.Com specializes in cleaning the grime off your roof using a little known process called “Soft Washing”.  This method of roof cleaning is the only way to clean asphalt shingles as recommended by the asphalt roofing manufacturers association (ARMA). We spray a specially formulated detergent onto your entire roof to fully kill and remove all the mold, algae and lichen’s that are actually feeding on your shingles.

Did You Know…?  The black streaks you might see coming down your roof are actually algae that is living and feeding on the limestone filler in your shingles.  This particular algae Gloeocapsa Magma is very hard to remove and can take years off the life of your roof because it prevents the roofing material from working as designed.  As the rain washes the algae down your roof, you get those unsightly black streaks.

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Why Choose Dirty-Roof.Com?

  • Soft Washing Won’t Damage Your Roof.
  • Your Roof Will Look Brand New Once Again.
  • This Will Prevent Algae Growth For Several Years.
  • We Are Fast, Thorough and More Affordable Then Replacement.

If you’ve been told by a contractor that your roof needs replacement (because of the black streaks) you need to call us first.  Many contractors do not know what these streaks are and would rather sell you a new roof (for thousands of dollars) rather than recommend a good cleaning.  Some contractors may even know it’s Algae but may tell you that the cleaning process will damage your shingles.  This is likely because they may not know about the “Soft Washing” process which is very different from other competitors advertising “low-pressure” roof cleaning.

ANY type of pressure on your roofing material isn’t good and can void your warranty.  We all know that rain and hail can come down fierce and hard when pounded by the wind but it’s no match for the concentrated jets of water from a pressure washer, especially with inexperienced hands operating it.  You can literally destroy an entire section of your roof in just a few quick seconds.

If you have a dirty roof in the Long Island area then give us a call or use one of our contact forms today and we can provide you with a quick estimate to leave your roof looking spotless.

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